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Palco WetStop3 WetStop2 Bedwetting Alarm Drug-Free treatment to help cure nocturnal enuresis (bed wetting). The Wet Stop Alarm.  

Wet-Stop3 Bedwetting (Enuresis) Alarm                   

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Bed wetting alarms offer the highest success rate of treatments available to children (5 years and older) dealing with nocturnal primary or secondary enuresis.  The new PottyMD Wet-Stop3 bed wetting urine alarm is a drug-free treatment which helps condition the user to better sleep arousal at the onset of a full bladder. The Wet-Stop3 enuresis alarm can cure enuresis. This new model, Wet-Stop3, eliminates the need for sewing pockets to underpants or using paper liners. See the alarm product reviews and comparison chart to help you select an alarm. Purchase a Wet-Stop3 enuresis alarm today. Empower the bed wetting user to take control and restore self esteem without the use of harmful prescription medication. If you know other families dealing with this issue, please recommend our web site.

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Types of Enuresis & Other Bedwetting Facts

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Wet-Stop3 Bedwetting Alarm Treatment Nocturnal Enuresis. Stop Buying Disposable Underpants.The PottyMD Wet-Stop3 enuresis alarm teaches nighttime dryness with a vibrating buzzer attached to the pajamas near the ear and a moisture sensor held onto ordinary underwear. Over 300,000 Wet-Stops sold since 1979. Let us help your bedwetting family member, too!

Wet-Stop3 is convenient as well as effective. It reacts immediately to the first few drops of moisture, teaching the child to stop the flow of urine before the bed becomes wet. During this learning process, dry underpants will be needed but the family will be spared the bother of remaking the entire bed. In less than six months, many children will no longer require use of the Wet-Stop3

Alarm systems are the most effective method for achieving nighttime dryness. A study at the Mayo Clinic comparing alarms, and two prescription drugs, (imipramine, and a nasal antidiuretic hormone) demonstrated the clear superiority of alarm systems.

What is Nocturnal Enuresis?

Enuresis is a condition of involuntary urination. This often describes those with the common condition known as "bed wetting". "Deep sleepers" are often unaware of their full bladder. Bedwetting is often associated with individuals who also have sleep arousal dysfunction. They simply do not feel the sensation of a full bladder or the urge to pass urine. It is also common to fail to be aware of wet linens during sleep. The good news is that you do not have to wait for your child to outgrow bed wetting. An alarm is the most effective treatment available. It is a fantastic method of empowering the bed wetter to take control and become responsible for his/her own treatment and cure.

Empowering Your Child

This urine monitor device like the PottyMD Wet-Stop3 can certainly help children feel a sense of power and control over this condition. The enuresis wetting alarm is a preferred alternative to pharmaceuticals.

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However, prescriptions are often used for a special occasion, such as a sleep-over or camping trip. Once the drug is stopped, the bed wetting continues. Therefore, drugs are only temporary solutions.  Children who are five years old or older area ideal candidates for an alarm treatment program. Keep in mind that prescription medications provide only short term relief. Also, certain drugs require strict supervision of fluid intake to prevent serious side effects. This supervision may not be possible during school hours or when the user is away from home, at summer camp, for example. Click on the resources/research links above to learn more about the drugs available to assist with your enuresis alarm treatment program. Please discuss possible side effects and dangers with a physician.

An Enuresis Alarm Can Pay For Itself!

How much more money will you spend on overnight pants over the next year? How much more time will you spend laundering soiled linens? Perhaps your money and time would be better spent on the purchase of an enuresis bed wetting alarm. We have provided an Alarm Review & Comparison Chart to assist you in selecting an enuresis alarm. It reviews brands such as: Nytone, Night Train-r (Night Trainer), Drynite (Drynight), and Nature Calls. Also, the cost of a urine alarm may be covered by healthcare insurance when prescribed by a physician. Call your service provider today to find out if the Wetstop3 qualifies as DME (Durable Medical Equipment) under your health plan.


How Does an Enuresis Alarm Work?

The PottyMD Wet-Stop3 Enuresis Alarm is a rehabilitation device which assists in conditioning the user to awaken upon the onset of a full bladder. This is also known as behavior modification. The Moisture Sensor clips to regular fabric underpants to monitor and detect the instant urination begins. Some users wear a training pant OVER the cotton underwear to minimize night time cleanup. This spares the linens and pajamas, and helps user return to bed more quickly.) The sensor is attached to the audible WET-STOP3 enuresis alarm device by a cord which attaches to the shoulder area. No sewing is necessary thanks to nifty magnetic clips. (Some other types attach to the wrist and the sound can be muffled in the bed linens, failing to awaken the user.) At the first sign of moisture from the urine, the WET-STOP3 enuresis bed wetting alarm will sound. This should startle and awaken the user who may then proceed to the bathroom. Repeated and consistent use of the enuresis alarm can actually condition the user to awaken BEFORE the first drop of urine is released, allowing plenty of time for a visit to the bathroom. Eventually, the user will awaken on his/her own in the middle of the night, or, even better, resist the urge to go and make it until morning....dry!  This "training" of the mind and body (known as "behavior modification" or "conditioning") is certainly preferable to the known dangers of side effects and the high cost of prescription drugs. Another ineffective method is simply waking the user at some arbitrary time during the night to use the bathroom (which we refer to as "lifting"). This type of waking or the setting of an alarm may keep linens dry, but the body will never learn to signal the mind to awaken on its own at just the right time.

End The Frustration & Stress

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The NEW Wet-Stop3

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Instant clip-on urine sensor

Two-Step Turn-Off Process
One-Year Warranty


Kit Contains:

Alarm & Sensor
Instructions for use (6 languages)

CD "Complete Bedwetting Book"

Calendar, Stickers
Requires 2 AAA alkaline batteries (Not Included, but may be ordered during checkout if desired.)



Replacement Sensor for WetStop3 Bedwetting Alarm

 YOU MAY QUALIFY FOR A FREE ALARM! The Wet-Stop3 may be covered under your health insurance policy when prescribed by a physician. Call your carrier and ask if an enuresis alarm would be considered a covered DME (Durable Medical Equipment) .The Healthcare Common Procedure Code is: HCPCS #S8270.(Keep your receipt to file with your claim.)

A final tally of 261 children followed for one year showed the cure rate illustrated below.

Alarms used during the test included the original Wet Stop and the Sears Wee Alert.

Reference: J.A. Monda & D.A. Husman, Journal of Urology, Volume 154, August 1995


The child's sleep arousal function must be improved. For this reason, the wetter may certainly benefit from an enuresis alarm. The alarm is designed to sound only at that precise moment when the bladder is full and beginning to release. It is at that precise moment that the user's mind & body begin to "learn" to awaken. Often, at that moment, muscles tighten and allow user time to proceed to the bathroom to finish voiding in the toilet. Progress may be noted when the user awakens moments before the alarm is indication that the conditioning process has begun. Encourage the user of this device to "beat" the sounding of the alarm. You will receive a Tips For Use pamphlet with your order and a FREE Progress Chart.

Look! To save you time, we did your shopping research for you. Take a moment to view the Bed Wetting Alarm Review/Comparison Chart. It reviews several well known brands of bedwetting alarms. It compares the quality, ease of use and care, size, safety features and pricing. You'll agree the WET-STOP3 Enuresis Alarm is the obvious choice. 

NOTE: Always check with a physician to rule out any physical, physiological, or psychological reason for which a person may be experiencing enuresis.

This device is categorized as D.M.E. (Durable Medical Equipment). As such, the cost may be covered by healthcare insurance when prescribed by a physician. We do not monitor health insurance providers' policies with regard to this coverage. You must call your own provider directly..


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*Warranty: If your Wet-Stop3 develops a defect in material or workmanship within one year of purchase, it may be returned** to PottyMD for a product replacement. No Refunds. Call PottyMD Customer Support at 1-877-PottyMD (768-8963) for more information. Retain your dealer receipt/packaging in a safe place at home..

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Additional Information: Help your child stop bedwetting. For child, teen, or adult. Wet-Stop3 Enuresis Alarm Treatment can cure bed wetting. This web site defines the types of Nocturnal Enuresis which are Primary nocturnal enuresis (where the child has never had a dry night) or secondary nocturnal enuresis (where the child has suddenly become a wetter though most nights historically, have been dry). Print our Free Progress Chart which allows you to monitor improvement and offer incentives.  Enuresis research and resources are available here.  Say goodbye to overnight pants, pull ups, goodnites (goodnights), and all training pants and bedwetting diapers. No more searching for coupons. Compare several brands of alarms to the Palco Wet Stop3 Alarm. Review quality, safety, comfort, ease of use, durability, and more. See our Comparison Chart Review which includes the Palco Wet Stop3, DryNite (Dry Nite or Dry Night), Night Train-r (trainer), Nytone, and Nightone. Enuresis is common in those diagnosed with attention deficit disorder ( ADD ). Also, most bedwetters suffer from sleep arousal dysfunction. They sleep through fire alarms, bedside clock alarms, etc. Learn about causes of bed wetting and alarm research advocating use of an enuresis alarm. A physician or pediatrician should be consulted to rule out a medical or psychological or emotional reason for enuresis, especially if it is the secondary type. The Palco Wet-Stop is  the type of alarm that is the best treatment available among incontinence alarm products. Learn about drugs and medications (prescriptions) commonly used to treat symptoms. Learn why pharmaceuticals are for short term use only. Side effects may be unpleasant, but ideal for a sleepover or special occasion. Drugs can also be used in conjunction with an enuresis alarm treatment program, which remains the most effective and proven method of curing bed wetting for the long term. The PottyMD Wet-stop 3 alarm may pay for itself in the savings realized by discontinued purchase of Goodnites, Pull-Ups, training pants and/or diapers. If you choose not to purchase an alarm today, consider how much more money you will end up spending on disposable products. Consider how much longer your child may be subjected to the frustration and poor self esteem which often results from being a bed wetter. Please reconsider your purchase decision. Buy an alarm today and your child could start improving his or her condition within a week. On this web site, learn about the drugs like desmopressin and how it is used to treat urinary incontinence. The enuresis alarm is the best treatment for nocturnal enuresis among all incontinence products. Contact this Wet-Stop3 dealer today. Discount promotions available periodically.  Potty MD.